Our Wedding

Two Days Before

Two days before our wedding we were looking at the traffic news website for Iceland.  The weather was pretty bad with snow coming down thick and fast.  We saw that the road to the hotel we were staying in before our wedding was closed!  We could look at the road cameras on the website and saw that there were people stuck in their cars on the road.  We set into panic mode then, researching alternative routes, all which took hours longer.

One Day Before

The morning before the wedding the first thing we did was check the traffic news website. Thankfully the road had reopened so as soon as it was light we set off.  It really shouldn’t have been open to none experienced drivers, it was the most terrifying drive of my life! We couldn’t see what was in front of us the snow was so bad.  I was basically driving blind at about 5mph and trying to follow the dim lights in front of us from other cars.  1112_13.JPG

The Icelandic are so used to the crazy weather that I was overtaken by a bin lorry I was going so slow while I was crying behind the wheel! We finally got there in one piece, but a bit shaken!

The hotel we stayed in was called Frost & Fire or Frost og Funi in Icelandic.  When we arrived we were greeted with hot drinks and pastries which was very much needed.

We got shown to our room which was lovely.  It had a balcony which overlooked the little stream that runs by the hotel and there was a hot tub underneath.  We chilled out for the rest of the day and unpacked everything we needed for our wedding day.  I don’t think either of us were nervous at that point, just excited.  We were getting ready to go for dinner and I suddenly had a thought about the coat I was going to wear for our wedding. Absolute panic flooded over me as I realised I had left it in the hotel in Reykjavik!  Cue panicked phone calls to our wedding planner to see if she could pick it up for us on her way.

We calmed down and went for dinner and had the most amazing meal.  I can’t remember what I had but Kelly had the lamb and it was the best thing we had ever tasted.  We were constantly looking out of the conservatory windows to see if the northern lights were going to perform for us but the clouds were so thick and full of snow there wasn’t much hope.

We went back to our room and sat at the full length windows in our room with a glass of wine and stared at the sky.  It was so peaceful.  It got to about 10pm and we decided to get ready for bed.  We were getting married in the morning and needed a good night’s sleep! Kelly went to brush her teeth but came back into the room so she could still look out of the window and then she spotted something.  Over the hill opposite our window rolled this carpet of green and white.  The northern lights!  They danced over the hills right outside our window, it was magical.  We both got quite emotional as we didn’t think we would see them at all, especially the night before our wedding.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any decent pictures of them, you need an amazing camera for it to pick the lights up.

Our Wedding Day

We woke up together on 12th December 2014, our wedding day.  We went for breakfast and then Kelly got her outfit and went into another room that the hotel kindly let us use. Neither of us had seen each other’s outfit so we decided to get ready separately.  The photographer Ernir Eyjolfsson arrived.  We had met him a few days earlier in Iceland so we both felt pretty at ease with him already.  Then our hair and makeup ladies arrived.  Idunn Jonasar did our make-up and Katrin Sif did our hair.  They are good friends so we had a lot of laughs getting ready with them.

Once we were ready I left our room and walked up to where Kelly was waiting for me.  She looked amazing and we instantly got the giggles which lasted most of the day!  Our wedding planner Eva Maria Lange from Pink Iceland met us in the hotel (with my coat!).  If you are ever going to Iceland or thinking of getting married in Iceland please check out Pink Iceland.  They were amazing at organising our wedding and are highly recommended for their tours.  Eva then drove us to our wedding destination, Thingvellir National Park, followed closely behind by Ernir.  We were greeted by the Judge who was going to marry us and we walked up to the waterfall which was frozen and was so stunning.  Thankfully we were quite wrapped up, with thermals underneath our outfits as it was -9!  It still felt very cold though and Kelly thought she was going to lose a toe!  Our ceremony was quite quick but in the cold this was necessary and after it was finished we were given a massive blanket and hot chocolate by Eva.

Ernir said it would be good if we visited another bit of the National Park, where they filmed some of Game of Thrones for pictures.  It was very touristy so we had a lot of people staring at us and taking pictures which was funny, I’m not sure they knew it was a real wedding.  For the last photo we took off our coats and braved the freezing temperatures! Our wedding planner then drove us back to the hotel and we enjoyed some champagne and chocolates.

We had a relaxed evening and went for dinner and relished in our newly married happiness, just the two of us.  Ernir captured our personalities in all of the photos he took but here are some of our favourites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you liked reading our wedding story.  If you have any questions about Iceland or organising a wedding there get in touch.


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