Weaning Off Booby Update


I haven’t blogged about how breastfeeding is going since April so I thought I’d do a little update.  Amelia is nearly 21 months old and I haven’t fed her in the day now for quite a few months; I probably stopped soon after my last post about it.  She took to it quite well and only asked for ‘booby’ two or three times during the day (one of these times being really loud in a play group!) before she forgot all about it.

About 3 weeks ago we decided to night wean as well.  I could tell that it was for comfort in the night and at this age she definitely doesn’t need it.  I’m going to regret saying this…first rule about sleep club…Amelia took to it well and most of the time is happy with a cuddle if she wakes up and goes back down easily.

Since then her morning and night feeds seem to have changed.  I don’t feel the let down anymore and I’m not sure if it’s my body that has changed or Amelia is using it more for comfort now and isn’t taking much milk.  She seems to just enjoy having a bit and then saying ‘side’ and then having some from the other side and saying ‘side’ again until I get fed up and tell her no more.  I double checked that I’m still producing and I definitely am!  In April I was really struggling to see the ‘stopping at 2’ goal being realistic but I think it might actually be possible now.

This morning when Amelia woke up instead of sitting down and feeding her straight away I took her out of her sleeping bag and asked her to wake up her new dolly who we put to bed the night before.  She didn’t ask for booby and I didn’t offer it and that was that.  She seemed a bit grumpier than usual when we were trying to get her ready but was fine when we left her at nursery.  Is this the end of morning feeds?  I’m not really sure how I feel about it.

A lot of Amelia’s baby friends have started turning 2 and I feel like time is going too quickly.  It seems like she changes every day and although I love seeing her learn and grow I am loving this toddler stage and I want time to slow down!  Breastfeeding in a way makes me feel like she’s still my little baby and although I know I can’t keep her that way forever (because that would be weird!) I’m going to miss it when we stop.  Kelly always joked that I’d still be breastfeeding her when she’s 5 and we honestly thought we’d have more difficulty weaning her off than this.  Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful that we’re not having tears and tantrums and it’s happened smoothly but it’s definitely me that will struggle more when it’s over!




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