A Super Weekend

I wanted to blog about this weekend because although it has been knackering and we haven’t had any down time it has been amazing.  On Saturday we went to our friends wedding which was so different to any wedding we have have ever been to because it was a superhero themed wedding!  The bride was Wonder Woman and the groom was Superman.

img_20170729_145055.jpgWe went as the Incredibles and managed to get some rather fetching lycra suits from George at Asda and we got Amelia’s romper off eBay.  Everyone’s outfits were amazing and it was funny watching people’s reactions to us all stood outside the registry office!  The wedding was emotional as they had both written their own vows which was lovely and set us all off.  The registrars even got involved, announcing the Bride’s entrance as Wonder Woman!

After the wedding we went back to their house and had a party.  It was so relaxed and a lovely change from a formal wedding.  There was a buffet and an amazing wedding cake to go along with the theme.


Amelia had a great time playing and getting loads of attention and before we knew it, it was way past her bedtime and time to head home.  The bride and groom are the perfect pair and really are superheros bringing up their brood and planning a wedding less than three weeks after having a baby!  Thank you for a super day!


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