Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

Last weekend we went to South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria.  They were offering free entry (up until 28th Feb) so decided to have a family day out.  We went with my sister Georgie and our friend Andrea.  With it being free entry it was packed!  We got there at the right time as about 10 minutes after we got in the queue, what seemed like coach loads of people joined and it was running through the car park.

As soon as we got in we got a hot chocolate as we were all freezing.  We saw a sign for a baby rhino but we had to pay £1 to get in.  This kind of defeats the object of it being free entry but £4 (Amelia was free) instead of £66 can’t be complained about!  We got to see giraffes as well which Amelia loved.


We decided to have a walk round before getting lunch.  We saw vultures, flamingos, leopards, lions, wolves, lemurs, peacocks, capybara and many different birds.

We went to the restaurant to warm up and get something to eat.  The food was decent enough and they had a lot to choose from.  We wandered around a bit more and got to see the tigers but it was so busy we didn’t get to see the penguins.  Amelia was getting tired by this point so we decided to head home.  We looked around the gift shop first and we got Amelia a baby rhino cuddly toy and a magnet.  We try and get a magnet wherever we visit as a little reminder of our day.

We all had a great day out but I am glad entry was free as there definitely wasn’t as much to see as there is in summer.  We’ll definitely be back, maybe next year in the warmer months.  Amelia will get more out of it then and we’ll be able to see more animals out and about!

Credit to Georgie for the great photos 🙂


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