Mummy and MeMers Wednesday!

MeMers is Amelia’s nickname which our friend Fiona gave her.  Amelia loves it when you say it.  Here is a cute photo of her reaction to it!  14962365_10158025065815221_1271955019_n.jpg

I have every Wednesday off work and always try to get out of the house with Amelia.  I had the dentist in the morning so we had a walk there.  Amelia sat on my knee whilst I had my checkup but she didn’t like what they were doing to me so got a bit upset.  She refused to let the dentist look in her mouth but it was her first time so I wasn’t surprised.  She did get a sticker though that she was very excited about.  So excited that she chucked it out of the pram somewhere about 5 minutes later!

We needed some shopping so we walked there from the dentists.  I was hoping Amelia would fall asleep but not a chance!  We then walked to my friend Carla’s house and had a play and a cup of tea.  Amelia loves it when we go somewhere with different toys to at home so she had a great time.  She particularly liked Amber’s bouncy chair and the books.  We didn’t think we would get to see Amber but she woke just before we left.  She is gorgeous and looking more and more like her big sister Ruby.

We were meeting another friend for lunch so we headed off home.  I was hoping Amelia would stay awake until we got in the car but she fell asleep at the bottom of our road and wasn’t happy when I woke her to get her in the car.  She stayed awake the whole way to pick my friend Steph and her little boy Thomas up and all the way to Frankie & Bennys!  We both had a hot chocolate, Amelia had spaghetti bolognese, I had an avocado and king prawn open sandwich and Steph had a Cajun chicken mayo wrap.  The food was really tasty but Amelia was a bit of a handful because she was so tired.  It was good to catch up with Steph though and Thomas was adorable, full of lots of smiles!

As soon as we set off for home Amelia was flat out.  I dropped Steph and Thomas at home and then sat in the car outside our house for an hour and a half so Amelia could have a decent sleep.  I quickly nipped in to get my book so I wasn’t bored!  I’m hoping to have Wednesdays off until Amelia is at school so I’m going to make the most of them and do something fun every week.


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