Lesbians are great at DIY? Budget Kitchen Makeover

In our household that stereotype is correct.  In 2015 we did up nearly the whole house and Kelly did all the decorating, drilling and hammering as I was pregnant.  As everyone knows the kitchen is probably the most expensive room of the house to do up so we just couldn’t afford it then, and still can’t right now.  We have other priorities at the moment like the garden and the roof so the kitchen is going to have to wait.  Last week I was researching how to decorate kitchens on a budget, got carried away and before I knew it was buying paint in B&Q!

Kelly vowed never to pick up a paint brush again so I decided the kitchen would be my project.  I sent Kelly some pictures of paint colours and we decided on red.  I got home and started painting.  Amelia was in a lovely mood and entertained herself whilst I did a bit to see how it would look.  Kelly got home from work and was a bit shocked.  Apparently she thought I meant wall paint but I meant tile paint!  Once she got over the shock she liked it though so I continued to do the whole kitchen.

I used V33 Renovation Wall Tiles paint in Chilli Red.  When it first went on I was worried it was pink but after 3 coats it is red!  Our tiles are rustic, rough and not perfectly square and the paint was brilliant for them.  I don’t know what it would be like on shiny, more modern tiles.  I used the Ronseal Grout Pen to fill in where I had got paint between the tiles.  This was a bit tricky but again it helped that our tiles have the ‘rustic’ look.  The pen was difficult to use so I ended up emptying some of the liquid into a pot and dipping the nib in the liquid.  Here is a before and after picture.

We’re going to paint the walls white, at the moment they’re some kind of dirty cream colour.  Then we want to paint the cupboards in white and grey.  Anyone who has visited our house knows how much we like grey!  We are going to look into doing something with the work tops and the floor and hopefully this will last us for a couple of years before we can get it done professionally.

I’ll post another blog when we’ve done the next stage!


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