How We Got Together

Kelly and I met in 2006 at University when we were studying for the same degree.  We car shared for the last year of our degree but didn’t see each other beyond that.  In 2009 once my degree had finished I started working for a company in Lancaster.  A year later a job came up which I posted on Facebook and Kelly got in touch and got the job.

I don’t want to go into too much detail but to cut a long story short, I was married (to a man), it didn’t work out and in 2013 I was single and going through a divorce.

We were both out on a work night out where the drinks were paid for…you can see where this is going!  We were both very very drunk and we ended up kissing.  And that is how this all started.  We have this in our house as it reminds us that everything we have we owe to a drunken night out and a colleague that made us have some Sambuca shots after way too much wine!




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